Spokes Ntshwabi was born and bred in a small village of Kachikau to the west of the Chobe National Park. He grew up in a family that loved farming. There was no barrier to stop wild animals from bothering people in the village. The first thing one has to learn as a child was to take extra caution about wild animals. By then, the only thing he knew about these wild animals was that they were dangerous. Though there was some encounter that could have put his life in danger, one will be happy that at least he has managed to escape any potential danger. It was the schooling that partially separated him from this kind of lifestyle.

Though Spokes is a qualified Auto mechanist, he had passion to go back to the bush, were he got his first job as the workshop manager at Llyod’s Camp in Savuti. It was here that he developed the interest to become a Professional guide. This is where he met his beloved wife Esther. He returned to Kasane to settle at his now home town and worked for several companies. But the love of the bush remained. This time he chose to work as a freelancer for mobile safari companies. In 2006, Classified Safaris was born and it is solely run by him and his wife. During his free time, Spokes will visit his cattle post, but at least now with proper knowledge of wild animals.